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Wellness at work.

Wellness at work.

After decades in chiropractic medicine, Dr. Dennis Colonello saw firsthand the debilitating health problems caused by prolonged sitting. However, he recognized that sitting was not the problem - it was the way people were sitting that needed to change. Dr. Colonello then teamed up with Jim Grove, a leading industrial designer, and they made a promise to themselves: Not only would they create products that would help people sit better, but also products that would help people live better.

After five years of development, hundreds of prototypes, and over 1,600 supporters on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we are proud to bring that promise to life with breakthrough technology that optimally and instantly assigns and moves ALL33 vertebrae of the spine. Our mission is simple: To improve health and wellness and reduce suffering related to back and neck pain. Welcome to the movement.

Meet the founders.

Meet the founders.


Dr. Colonello is a world-renowned chiropractor with over 35 years of experience. Based in Beverly Hills, he is currently the team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Clippers. In addition, he treats a who’s who list of Hollywood celebrities and world-class athletes.


Jim built the internationally-acclaimed industrial design firm Designworks USA, which provided design, engineering, modeling, and analysis for major companies- including BMW. He is also the founder of Heartland USA, a supplier of custom motorcycle accessories, and LA Product Design, where he has been behind the design of office chairs that have amassed over $500 million in sales.

Soothe & Move

Pain is the #1 reason people go to the doctor in the U.S. It gets in the way of everything and can leave you feeling powerless. Yet, avoiding movement due to fear of pain further risks our health.

The active ingredients in SOOTHE & MOVE have been clinically proven to temporarily remove pain associated with arthritis, simple backache, muscle strains, sprains, bruises, and aches. Apply directly to your knees, neck, back, or anywhere that hurts to alleviate pain quickly and get back to your life.

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Ted Danson

"Hey, this works! This is actually working! "

Danny Glover

"This chair makes you feel like you are doing the right thing."

Paula Abdul

"You feel energized and invigorated.This chair is magical. It's really that great."

George Hamilton

"It's no gimmick.. I think it is a genius invention"

William Fichtner

"I love it!"

Tommy Haas

"Treatment while I'm sitting."

Serinda Swan

"I feel like I just got an adjustment."

Sharlito Copley

"It's lifting your spine up."