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How Important is Back Support in a Chair?

Is Back Support in a Chair Important | all33

You’re online shopping and have been staring at your computer for days; you are on the verge of pulling your hair out because you have absolutely no idea what chair to buy for your space. It’s the last, critical piece for your recently upgraded office. There are more office chair options than you ever imagined, and it’s terribly overwhelming. How are you going to decide?

The answer is actually quite simple: the best office chair is the one that provides the most back support. Here’s why back support in a chair is important, and how to know if a chair has enough.

Why is Lumbar Support Important?

Is Back Support in a Chair Important | all33

Lumbar support means any support given to the lower back. A wide range of things support our lower backs at different times, like our mattresses, chairs, belts, or even shapewear. The reason people pay a great deal of attention to lumbar support is that it is absolutely vital for a person’s ability to move and live a normal life. In order for the lower back to function properly and painlessly, lumbar support is necessary.

The back needs support to function properly and so do the muscles and spine. If the lower back is damaged or put under continual strain, it can lead to pain and stiffness. This can make it difficult to walk and can eventually cause paralysis. When you are not providing proper support to the lower back, you can develop stress on the lumbosacral (backbone) discs. This leads to poor posture and stress in the spine’s soft tissue and joints.

We are not only at risk of lumbar damage when we are sitting at our desks. We are also at risk sitting at the kitchen table, or even watching our favorite television shows on the couch. This is because our bodies learn to compensate for all the sitting, which presents itself as slouching.

Shifting your weight forward while sitting in an office chair increases stress on the soft tissue, joints, and discs which leads to muscle tension, leg pain, and lower back strain.

Unfortunately, lumbar problems and lower back pain are incredibly common these days. In fact, around 31 million Americans regularly experience lower back pain - and it seems like that number is only increasing.

Lumbar support is truly vital for our lives. It protects our backs so that we have the ability to walk and move, to run around and throw a frisbee, and to walk our dogs—the activities that help us enjoy our lives. We don’t want to miss out on life because of poor posture, especially when the scary side effects are avoidable.

How to Eliminate Lumbar Damage

Because lumbar support is extremely important, you want to stop any potential future lumbar damage before it occurs. It is crucial to take the necessary preventative steps now. Those who sit at a desk most of the day for work are most susceptible, but everybody is at risk.

There is no time like the present to start looking into lumbar protection.

It is important to continually analyze how your back feels throughout your day and week. Firstly, you should examine your posture: What does a day in your life look like, and how are you holding yourself? Do you hold a healthy posture? Or do you have the tendency to slouch when sitting or standing?

When you’re sitting, you should keep your back straight and your shoulders relaxed, but back and away from your ears. You should also avoid holding your head too far forwards or backwards, which can be particularly difficult when you’re staring at a computer screen or your phone.

When you’re standing, stand tall, but avoid locking your knees. You should keep your neck aligned in much the same way as you do when sitting, with your ears over your shoulders, and if you find that you’re standing for long periods of time, shift your weight back and forth to keep yourself moving.

The way you stand and the way you sit can affect the pressure placed on your lower back. Normally, changing your posture would mean changing your entire lifestyle, which takes time and conscious effort. One way to aid your effort to correct your posture is to get a supportive chair.

What Qualifies as a Supportive Chair?

Is Back Support in a Chair Important | all33

There are specific qualities you want to look for in a supportive chair. The chair should have a padded seat with seat depth, and the chair back should provide the right amount of lumbar support to help you keep your spine straight. You should be able to sit back comfortably, with your lap slightly higher than your knees and your feet resting firmly on the ground. The chair should allow your shoulders to relax, with the upper arms resting at your side—armrests should not come between you and your workspace. Forearms should be parallel to the ground when using a laptop keyboard and mouse.

The way you position your body in your chair also has an effect on your lumbar support: your wrists should be in a relaxed position when your fingers use the keyboard, and you should be able to change up your positioning around every thirty minutes to an hour. If you’re wondering how this is all possible in an office chair, chances are that your current chair doesn’t meet all of the necessary qualifications.

The BackStrong chair allows you to move how you want throughout your entire day. Unlike stationary chairs, the BackStrong moves with you, allowing your pelvis to move naturally while keeping your lower back supported. Its lumbar support is positioned in a way that allows your vertebrae to stack on top of each other into ideal posture. This support coupled with movement frees you to live your life without lower back pain. Over time, the BackStrong helps your posture - and your life.

What Makes the all33 Chair Right for You?

Is Back Support in a Chair Important | all33

It is challenging to be in a world where we’re expected to keep our eyes glued to our screens while sitting at a desk all day. Even though this is the culture that we live in, we can avoid a number of the problems that stem from it. You are not confined to the limits of your current chair.

Here at all33, we’re invested in creating modern, innovative solutions, because you should never have to just sit still. Our chair gives you the lumbar support your body needs and the movement it craves. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it looks great in any workspace.

The first option is our Backstrong C1 Vegan Leather chair in sleek black. This one is perfect for an office with any color scheme, thanks to the simplicity in design. It comes in multiple other colors, as well, including red and beige. The red works well as a bright accent color in a room filled with neutrals or darker colors, and the neutral beige will work in any environment.

We also offer the Backstrong C1 in a fabric model. This chair has a sophisticated look that makes your office look modern and sets the tone for a productive environment.

The Best Option

In conclusion, lumbar support is extremely important because it has the ability to affect your quality of life, now and in the future. Lumbar support is truly vital for a person to move, walk, and go about their daily activities. We are at risk for lumbar damage when we slouch, whether we’re in the office, in the kitchen, or on the couch. Correcting your posture in a healthy way allows you to eliminate potential back damage and go about your daily activities freely. There are specific factors that determine a supportive chair, such as a padded seat, armrests that do not prohibit workflow, and a design that facilitates good posture.

Our goal is to make your chair buying decision easy - no more pulling your hair out, stressing over the right choice. Make your purchase, close your laptop, and talk a walk outside with the peace of mind that your health is about to change for the better. Options for office chairs are endless, but the best choice is right in front of you.

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