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How to Protect Yourself From Sitting’s Health Risks

How long do you spend sitting each day? If you’re like most people in this country, you spend an average of over 8 hours a day in a seat. 

Whether it’s a lot of time spent behind the wheel or in front of a computer, our modern lifestyle has made us more inactive than ever. Yet no matter how common, this habit has severe consequences for our health.

Learn about the dangers associated with sitting and how you can protect yourself – even if your life necessitates spending much of your day in a chair.

Health Risks Associated With Sitting

A large review of studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2015 found that sitting for long periods had a direct correlation with worse health outcomes, even in people who exercised.

That means that even if you exercise for an hour each day, what you do the other 23 hours of the day still has a greater effect on your health. Sitting still has been linked to an increased risk of the following serious conditions:

  • Obesity
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Blood clots
  • Back pain
  • And more

A sedentary lifestyle can even increase your risk of dying.

The Sitting Solution

Unfortunately, sitting is unavoidable. Many of us work at a desk, and standing all day isn’t great for you either, as it can exacerbate poor posture and even drain your mental energy.

Many of us go in search of ergonomic chairs that claim to be better for you. In reality, however, these "ergonomic" options address comfort, but none of them  address the underlying problem of being sedentary. Sitting on a traditional chair causes the pelvis to collapse which pushes the spine out of alignment, the shoulders forward, and the head past the neck in an unnaturally heavy position. Even worse, perhaps, is the fact that traditional chairs lock you in place.

Thankfully, there is one invention that finally makes sitting healthier by allowing you to move while you sit, and therefore combat our sedentary lifestyle.

all33's Sit in Motion® technology is the first solution that frees the pelvis to move the way it was designed to, allowing for the natural blood flow and muscle engagement that individuals need in order to be healthy.

Created by a chiropractor and industrial designer to relieve back pain and encourage movement, all33 chairs materialize what Dr. Colonello achieves in his practice into a patented technology that has already delivered life-changing results to tens of thousands of users.

Sit in Motion® technology is the only seat system designed to help individuals achieve healthy sitting. It combines lumbar support and a patented pivot function to deliver an active, engaged sitting experience. Unlike every other chair on the market, all33 chairs with Sit in Motion® technology allow for natural movement of the pelvis and keeps all 33 of your vertebrae moving when you sit, so your body works the way it was designed to work. The result is improved posture, greater core strength, and relief from pain.

Sit in Motion® technology is featured in every all33 chair, available online at and at select Staples locations nationwide where you can try it in person.

Further Protection from Sitting’s Adverse Effects

Soon, all33 is launching new innovations to help you sit healthier. With millions of people around the world changing how they work, we’re starting to scale and grow to meet demand. We’ve just secured investment from a group of notable investors including celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Cindy Crawford, Tony Robbins, and more, as well as business trailblazers such as Evan Spiegel of Snap and former Disney COO Tom Staggs, all of whom are committed to helping the world achieve healthy sitting through all33's suite of sitting innovations. 

You can learn more about this exciting new chapter here. Join the movement to help redefine the way we work and turn it into a daily health routine by getting your own all33 chair.

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