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BackStrong: Proven To Increase Your Energy

We’ve all been sitting in our office when we feel that dreadful sensation begin to take over: the mid-afternoon crash. Somehow, some way, it always seems to find us. The eyelids get heavy, our focus seems to fly out the window and we are drained of all our energy.

Before you flee to the break room for your fifth cup of coffee, have you ever considered that the source of your low energy is your chair?

Most people never think about it -- they attribute low energy to a mundane and tedious task, or perhaps being a little too aggressive at the buffet at lunch time.

However, research shows that your energy could be determined by what you’re sitting in during the long hours at your desk!

Why? Simple -- because posture affects energy. Whether standing or sitting, a slumped body can drain you of energy.

Dr. Stacey Pierce-Talsma, an associate professor of osteopathic manipulative medicine at Touro University in Vallejo, California, says, "When we have poor posture, we add tension and compression to structures that weren't meant to bear that weight. These stresses and strains build up over time and wear down our bones, joints and ligaments, even changing the way our muscles fire."

"Not only can poor posture add stress and strain, it can also cause you to become fatigued more quickly,” she adds. “This occurs because poor posture and gait require much more energy and work to maintain and compensate for. The more efficient we can be in our good posture, movement and gait, the more we can improve our energy efficiency."1


Simply put: Your muscles use up more energy when they’re not being used efficiently.

That’s why, when we started designing our revolutionary chair, we wanted to completely change the game. Standard office chairs are out of date with what we know about circulation, function, mobility and pressure points throughout the body.



We developed, tested and refined our chair using feedback from over 1,000 real back pain sufferers. We threw out the playbook for chair design and created a “saddle-like” seat that swivels and tilts for maximum freedom of movement. You see, most chair seats are bolted to the base and allow no movement of the hips or pelvis. Our seat actually hangs from the arms and allows the chair to move with you. We call this “Sit-In-Motion” technology and it helps support your entire spine and relieves back pain. When you sit in this chair, there’s no more slouching, hunching or leaning.

This one-of-a-kind design activates your core and allows you to sit in a comfortable, athletic position. And when you are actively engaging the muscles in your core, you increase blood flow throughout the body and get a natural boost in energy without even realizing it.

It’s got soft, high-grade vegan leather upholstery so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for health. Plus, with 6 simple pieces, the chair can be assembled in less than 10 minutes!

So when you sit in a BackStrong C1 chair and wonder why that familiar 2:30PM crash hasn’t happened, you’ll know why. Because you’ve finally got a chair that was built with you -- and your health -- in mind.

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