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13 Simple Ways to Move More When You Work From Home


Working from home has a lot of perks. It cuts out commutes, reduces childcare costs, and gives you more flexibility to schedule your time the way that works best for you. However, it also comes with major drawbacks.

It can be a lot harder to maintain healthy habits when you work from home. For one, there’s endless access to the refrigerator. Being apart from coworkers can also lead to feelings of isolation and a negative impact on your mental health. But what most endangers our health is being sedentary: sitting still for long periods of time.

You probably know that prolonged sitting without movement is linked to back, neck, and shoulder pain, but it can also lead to more serious issues like blood clots, obesity, diabetes, and heart trouble.

Thankfully, with a little planning and dedication, you can work more movement into every day. Here are some easy ways to be more active while working from home.

Take meetings on the go

Whenever possible – like when you don’t have to share your screen – take phone calls outside. Go for a walk while you talk. Walking has even been shown to improve your mental cognition and inspire creativity.

Institute a “fake commute”

When you’re done with work for the day, or in order to make sure you don’t carry on into the evenings, try taking a walk to a coffee shop, park, or a friend’s. This will not only get your blood pumping, but it will also help you psychologically detach from work.

Keep equipment nearby

Dumbbells, resistance bands, your yoga mat – whatever you use to work out, keep it near your desk. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” exists for a reason; if you see equipment you’re more likely to use it.

Set reminders

You should take movement breaks every 30-60 minutes. Start by setting a reminder or an alarm at the top of every hour. When it goes off, try doing some crunches, pushups, or jumping jacks. Eventually you'll want to stand up and stretch every half an hour.

Place things out of reach

Instead of keeping your water bottle at your desk, make yourself walk to the kitchen for water breaks. Keep your printer or filing cabinet across the room so you’ll be forced to get a few extra steps in.

“Go out” for lunch

You don’t have to go to a restaurant every day, but do make it a point to leave your desk during lunch. Even better, pack a sandwich and walk to a park to eat al fresco.

Pair up activities

The material you buy should fit your needs. If you tend to run hot, consider cooling Vegan Leather. If you want more choices in colors, consider fabric. At all33, we have both options, and our chairs are made from recyclable, high-quality materials that are built to last.

Get a dog

Or, walk the one you have! Dogs are the perfect activity partners. They demand to be taken out, and they love to play. If you already have a dog, try to reframe daily walks into an opportunity instead of a responsibility. If you don’t, consider how many steps having a loving pet will help you add to your day.

Block out time in your calendar

It’s easy to get caught up in recently received emails and tasks deemed “urgent.” When you plan ahead and block out time for an exercise class or jog, you can take that time guilt-free.

Take cleaning breaks

If you’re stuck on a work-related problem, try solving it by stepping away from your desk. Sometimes doing the dishes or scrubbing the tub will help give you some distance and come back with a new perspective.

Make a pact with a coworker

If you work with someone who’s also committed to improving their health, motivate each other to move more. Chat or email each other to encourage exercise sessions. It’s easier together – even virtually.

Measure your steps

It’s incredible what data will unlock. Just by having an accurate count of how much you’re walking daily will inspire you to get just a few more each day.

Swap out your chair

The biggest culprit to your work day health? A rigid chair that locks you in place. Simply by switching to a chair that enables active sitting, you’ll be protecting yourself from a host of health conditions linked to being sedentary.

Learn more about the only chair that implements patented technology designed to let you move while you sit.

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