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Alright, so slouching and overall poor posture is bad.

I think we’ve established that.

Luckily, there are some very manageable ways to improve your posture so that you can achieve better overall health and live with less pain.

Get Up & Move

As we’ve discussed, poor posture becomes more likely when we languish for long periods of time. Slouching and slumping occurs and our muscles tire out. In turn, we place extra pressure on the neck and back.

The key is to stop the problem before it starts. That means get up and move before you start sliding down the back of your chair. One strategy is to take a break from sitting in an office chair every half hour for two minutes in order to stretch, stand, or walk.

Apply the same method when you find yourself standing for a long time. Move your limbs, get the blood flowing and redistribute the tension throughout your body. This is also why it’s important to utilize rest stops on long road trips. You can afford to take a few minutes every hour to care for your body, after all!

Wear Supportive Footwear When Standing

Now, if you have a favorite pair of high-heeled shoes that you absolutely adore, don’t panic -- we’re not telling you to throw them away. However, you should void regularly wearing them, no matter how well they tie the outfit together. High heels can affect the body’s center of gravity and induce compensatory alignment of the entire body, thus negatively affecting back support and posture.

When you find yourself standing for long periods of time, try propping a leg up on a foot rest. You can also try wearing supportive shoe orthotics, or placing a rubber mat on the floor to improve comfort.

Keep Your Body in Alignment At All Times

Here is how to make sure your body is in perfect alignment:

When standing, good posture is straight vertical alignment of your body from the top of your head, through your body's center, to the bottom of your feet. The feet should be relaxed with the body's weight resting on three points: the heel, the base of the big toe, and the little toe.

Whether standing or sitting straight up, align the ears, shoulders, and hips in one vertical line. And keep this in mind: any prolonged sitting position, even a good one, can be tiring after a while. Remember tip number one and be sure to move around occasionally.

It’s good to be aware of and avoid unbalanced postures such as crossing legs unevenly while sitting, leaning to one side, hunching the shoulders forward, or tilting the head. Instead of holding your phone near your navel and dropping your head, bring the phone up slightly so that you don’t need to sacrifice alignment.

Also, to finish that point… don’t spend so much time on your phone! There’s a whole wide world out there.

(Sorry to sound like your mother.)

Identify & Eliminate The Causes of Poor Posture In Your Life

Becoming aware of posture and ergonomics at work, at home, and at play is a vital step towards instilling good posture and ergonomic techniques. That means it’s important to take stock of the tools and habits that make up your normal routine. Then try to identify any connections between episodes of back or neck pain and specific situations where poor posture or ergonomics were implemented.

Take your office chair, for example. More than likely you have one with a very standard design: a seat attached to a single post, with arms that attach to the sides and a single-unit back of the chair.

For decades, this has been the go-to design for chair manufacturers. And no matter how fancy they look, no matter how high the prices get… back pain still persists across the world.

It’s the tool many of us use most frequently. That means your office chair is the thing you rely on the most to keep your body in alignment, give you good posture and help you live a pain-free life.

Chances are your chair has let you down. Just like standard office chairs have let down billions and billions of people. It’s time someone fixed that.

Use a Chair That Promotes Good Posture & Keeps Your Body in Alignment [The Automatic Fix]

Gone are the days when a chair would simply provide you with a place to sit.

Gone are the days when it was normal to have aches and pains while sitting.

Gone are the days when you found yourself constantly shifting your body in order to keep your blood flowing.

You need a chair that eliminates the pain and discomfort that comes with traditional chairs.

You do so much more which means you and your body need so much more.

That is why BackStrong is the most advanced, most ergonomic, and most comfortable chair the world has ever seen. It’s already gotten the attention of A-list celebs: from Justin Bieber to Danny Glover to Chelsea Handler… and even Tesla’s Elon Musk.

The BackStrong is guaranteed to change not only your posture… but your mood, your energy… and your entire life.

It’s patented Sit-In-Motion technology fixes the way you sit, INSTANTLY.

Its ergonomic features softly cradle your lower back to relieve crucial pressure points and instantly improve your posture.

Just because you’re seated, doesn’t mean your body shouldn’t be able to move. The BackStrong’s freely rotating bucket design immediately adjusts to your body’s every position. It automatically aligns itself beneath you to better support your back, stimulate your core, and relieve stress.

And because the bucket seat hangs from the arms of the BackStrong instead of affixing to the post, your lower body isn’t stuck in one static position all day. This chair moves with you!

The BackStrong fixes the way you sit so that you can have better posture, better alignment and better overall health.

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