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5 Hobbies to Take Up for Better Posture


Everyone should have hobbies! They help us relax, learn, and become better versions of ourselves. Some hobbies can even help our health. These five activities will help your confidence, boost your energy, and make you smile:

Salsa Dancing

Ballet dancers are stereotypically known as having perfect posture, but it’s not the only dance that will have you standing up straight and tall. Salsa dancing is fun, more upbeat, and a great way to burn calories, too.


Swimming is an excellent way to improve your posture because the water helps support your body while your muscles get strong enough to hold your body properly on their own. It’s great for strengthening your core, too, which you need in order to balance and stand upright.

Art modeling

Being an art model involves coming up with dynamic poses so that students can draw your form, and holding them. With everyone’s eyes on you, you’ll be conscious of your posture and holding the poses will engage your muscles. No, you don’t have to pose nude – unless you want to!


Have you ever seen someone slouch in a blockbuster movie? Didn’t think so. Actors are required to have great posture, because holding yourself tall makes you more attractive and confident! Joining your local theatre group can have immense benefits, both social and physical. Acting basics cover how to carry yourself in order to command the audience (hint: you need good posture).


Proper posture is incredibly important for singing! It’s the first thing students are taught, because without it, you simply cannot project your voice. When you slouch, you’re constricting your lungs and your diaphragm, hindering your breathing. When you straighten your spine, you can breathe from your diaphragm, expanding your lower abdomen when you inhale.

Other Helpful Hobbies

There are plenty of other activities that can help you improve your posture: yoga, running, even playing catch. Paying attention to your form in all situations will do wonders for your spine and health over time.

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