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33 Reasons You Need to Switch to an all33 Chair


The chair you choose has a bigger effect on productivity than any other tool in your workspace. And yet, selecting an office chair is a decision that often gets made quickly and without too much thought.

Your chair can either be a hindrance to productivity, or it could boost your performance. It can either put your health at risk, or it can protect you from the long-term effects of sitting.

In other words, not all chairs are created equal.

Although for much of human history, they were! Ever since chairs were invented 5,000 years ago, no one had questioned the basic concept of a seat post stuck to a static back until a chiropractor and industrial designer came together with the mission of bringing pain relief to anyone who sits.

Created by Dr. Dennis Colonello and Jim Grove, the all33 chair was created to reimagine the ergonomic chair as the ultimate health and productivity tool.

They created what’s essentially a chair within a chair by creating a moving bucket seat that fits the pelvic contours and rotates on strategically located pivot points. This innovative design encourages your body to practice active sitting throughout the day and frees your pelvis to move naturally.

Here are the key benefits all33 chairs offer and why you should switch ASAP:

1. Built with patented Sit in Motion® technology

The all33 difference hinges on our patented technology; it generates incredible health benefits for you. Sit in Motion® technology addresses the main problem with the way we sit: your pelvis was made to move.

When you sit in a regular chair, your pelvis collapses because it’s not meant to lock in place. Over time, this immobility wreaks havoc on your body.

In contrast, the BackStrong’s swing-like design encourages movement and frees your pelvis to move naturally, as if you were walking, from the comfort of your chair.

2. Improves posture

Our design was developed and tested with the feedback of over 1,000 real back pain patients. The lumbar support and curved cushion work together to place your sit bones in the perfect position so that all 33 of your vertebrae stack straight on top.

Good posture is a habit. By training you to sit with a straight spine, the all33 chair helps improve your standing posture, too. You’ll begin noticing every time you slouch and correct yourself. With better posture, you appear taller, and even your confidence improves!

3. Alleviates back, neck, and shoulder pain

Here’s the thing about maintaining ideal posture… your pain goes away. Say goodbye to agonizing back pain day after day. Our curved cushion takes pressure off your sit bones, so any issues with your tailbone should subside. An aligned spine also helps alleviate shoulder pain and neck pain. As an added bonus, one of the benefits of decreased muscle tension in the neck is fewer headaches.

4. Better blood flow

Sitting still for prolonged hours can lead to poor circulation; your blood remains in the feet and legs while the rest of your body misses out on the nutrients and oxygen that get circulated with proper blood flow.

One of the most important benefits of all33 chairs and our Sit in Motion® technology is improved circulation. Blood (and the oxygen it carries) continuously flow throughout the body, allowing every organ to function properly.

5. Enhances productivity

When you put better blood flow and relief from pain together, you get a boost in your ability to focus. You no longer have aches and pains to distract you. On a more scientific level, improved circulation brings more oxygen and nutrients to your brain, so it can work better for you. Exercise stimulates the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for focus, concentration, planning, and organization. That’s why, for example, recess and exercise are incorporated into kids’ days at school – it helps them concentrate.

6. Increases energy

Exercise is a natural energy booster. This, too, is linked to the oxygen-rich blood that surges through your body to your heart, muscles, and brain. When you move, changes happen on a cellular level. Your body produces more mitochondria inside your muscles. As the ‘powerhouses’ of cells, they create fuel out of the glucose from the food you eat and the oxygen from the air you breathe. An increased number of mitochondria means more energy! And because of the boost in circulation, your body is able to use that energy more efficiently, delivering the increased oxygen all around the body. Lastly, exercise creates a spike in hormone levels that also make you feel more energized.

7. Improves your physical health

It’s no secret that a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health. But did you know just how bad it is for you to sit still for long periods? It has been linked to a long list of serious health conditions. That’s why the ability to move while you sit in your ergonomic office chair is so revolutionary!

Because all33 chairs encourage movement, they help you decrease your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, type 2 diabetes, dementia, osteoarthritis, blood clots and varicose veins, overall contributing to an increased life expectancy. 

8. Improves your mental health

If keeping the above conditions at bay is not enough, staying active also has very real consequences for your mental health. Movement is linked with reduced anxiety, improved mood, and a spark in creativity. Good posture is linked with increased confidence and greater self-esteem.

9. Helps you sleep better

Sleep is vital to good health – that’s why buying a new mattress is such a big investment! We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, but we also spend a third of our lives sitting, which is why we should be as eager to invest in our chairs. By relieving pain and increasing the amount of activity you do in a day, an all33 chair is able to aid you in getting better sleep. It helps you do all the things needed to fall asleep easily: keeps you moving, helps you be more efficient and productive (so less worrying at night about what you didn’t cross off your list), and it alleviates aches that keep you from getting comfortable.

10. Keeps you fit

Moving while you sit requires muscle engagement! Every time you rock in an all33 bucket seat, you’re engaging your core. You can even do crunches in your chair, right at your desk! Apart from working your abs, you’re also engaging your back and leg muscles through active sitting. Working your muscles will help you hit the gym harder when you’re not working.

11. Aids digestion

When you slouch, you’re actually crushing your internal organs. Hunching forward puts pressure on the stomach which can trigger heartburn and even slow transit in your intestines.

By inducing ideal posture, the all33 helps relieve organs from unnecessary pressure and helps them do what they do uninhibited.

12. Helps you breathe better

In addition to crushing your organs, slouching also compresses your lungs and constructs your breathing. Great posture frees your lungs to expand fully. Better breathing brings more oxygen in, which means more oxygen to feed all other organs.

13. Reduces eye strain

One of the features of all33 chairs is foldaway arms that allow you to scoot closer to your screen for reduced eye strain. Ergonomics dictate that your screen is positioned so that you can extend your arm straight out and touch it with your fingertips. No matter what your desk is like, foldaway arms allow you to get as close as you need for ideal ergonomic positioning.

14. Reduces stress

Movement is almost like magic. Moving your body regularly helps reduce levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, in your body.

15. Increases flexibility

Flexibility is incredibly important – it allows you to do basic tasks and go about your life. Flexible muscles help you move more easily and help prevent joint pain and muscle tension down the line. Movement keeps your muscles warm and is a form of stretching, so it helps keep you loose and limber.

16. Reduces stress on bones and joints

The curved design of our seat cushion was based in biomechanics to take pressure off of your tuberosities (sit bones). The lumbar support stacks your spine into ideal posture, which in turn takes excess pressure off your neck. The result is a reduced risk of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain and the headaches that jaw pain causes.

17. Burns more calories

Depending on your frame, sitting burns between 60 and 130 calories an hour. Rocking in your all33 chair helps you burn about 150 calories more per hour! Add in ab exercises at the top of every hour, and you’ll be working towards weight loss while you’re at your desk.

18. Offsets aging

As you age, your muscles lose elasticity and mass. Your range of motion in your hips, shoulders, and spine also decreases. To counteract the effects of aging, the number one thing you can do is keep your body moving.

Not only does the active sitting encouraged by all33 chairs keep you flexible, which protects against muscle mass loss over time, but the design of our chairs can help prevent thoracic kyphosis (hunchback) and height loss.

Studies have shown that people actually shrink in height after sitting for long periods. That’s because your spinal discs (which are filled with fluid), become dehydrated.

If you don’t want to hunch when you get older, investing in a chair that keeps your discs hydrated and healthy is key.

19. Promotes an active lifestyle

Everyone can relate to getting up from a long day sitting feeling exhausted, and wanting nothing more than to lay back on the couch and watch TV. When you wake up feeling refreshed instead, you’re more likely to go out for a walk or hit the gym.

If you’re not someone who already loves partaking in athletics or active hobbies, investing in an all33 chair is the perfect way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle. Experts say to start small before ramping up, and that all movement counts!

20. Was created by Hollywood’s #1 chiropractor

Dr. Dennis Colonello is a renowned chiropractor with over 45 years of experience. He treats a who’s who list of world-class athletes and celebrities who travel across the world to seek his care. Additionally, he is currently the team chiropractor for the LA Clippers. He created all33 because he was tired of seeing otherwise healthy, active stars come in again and again in pain because of all the sitting they had to do on set or while they wrote. He wanted to create a chair that prevents pain and other negative health effects before they begin.

21. Made in the USA*

Proudly, we recently moved our manufacturing to the United States in order to decrease our carbon footprint, have increased control over production, and create American jobs. We hope it sparks a movement of USA manufacturing industry-wide.

22. Made responsibly

Our factory in Union City, Tennessee is vertically-integrated and uses the latest tech to reduce waste and maximize quality. We source raw materials thoughtfully or create them in-house, use recycled plastics, resins, and materials whenever possible, and we’ve invested heavily in technology to be more efficient. For example, our plastic injection machines use 40% less energy than is the norm.

23. Saves you money over time

An often overlooked upside of enjoying good health is that you don’t have to worry about costly medical bills! In 2016, Americans spent an estimated $380 billion on low back, neck, joint, and limb pain. Without pain driving you to the doctor or chiropractor, you’ll save money in the long term.

24. Created a community of over 37,000 happy sitters

Since launching on Kickstarter in 2017 with the BackStrong chair, we’ve been able to help 37,000 customers lead healthier lives. We took their feedback and used it to create the next generation of the all33 chair, the Axion.

25. Has earned 4.8/5 stars from customers

Reading how the all33 chair has changed our customers’ lives is the most rewarding part of our jobs. From people who found relief for the first time after surgeries, to those who find that they can better concentrate on their passion projects, our customers’ testimonials make clear the power of proper sitting. See for yourself the impact that a healthy chair can have.

26. Is backed by dozens of celebrities

Thanks to the biomechanic genius of Dr. Dennis Colonello, he has some pretty recognizable clients. That means celebrities like Tom Hanks, Cindy Crawford, and Justin Bieber were first in line for an all33 chair when we launched. They stand (or should we say sit) by all33.

27. Includes a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We know making a big investment without first trying it out can be scary! That’s why we offer a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t love it, you can send it back to us within 60 days for a refund of the purchase price. (Because we pay for initial shipping, we do charge a small restocking fee. You can read our full policy here.)

28. It has a 5-Year Warranty

Your purchase of an all33 chair comes complete with a 5-Year warranty, which means you can rest assured in your investment.

29. It lasts a lifetime

Our chairs were designed to be the last chair you’ll ever buy; they are made in a modular fashion so each part can be individually removed and replaced if needed.

30. Ships free, straight to your door

Even in today’s world, we don’t pass on shipping costs to you. We cover the full cost of shipping to your door (and these boxes are not light!) within the 48 contiguous U.S. states.

31. Assembles in 5 minutes

Our chairs are super simple to put together and come with easy-to-understand instructions. We invite you to set a timer and see how long it takes you!

32. Can be yours for a few small monthly payments

We partner with Affirm to make all33 chairs accessible to everyone. You can choose to pay for your all33 chair in manageable monthly payments instead of all at once.

33. Allows you to save when you buy more

Did you know that back pain costs employers an average of $624 a year per full-time employee? Relief in the form of a healthy chair can make your entire company more productive.

Whether you manage a team that’s back at the office, or your family works from home and you want to outfit everyone with a healthier seat, you can get bulk pricing on all33 chairs.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Can you think of five reasons why you bought the chair you’re sitting in? What about ten? Twenty?

Probably not.

Make the switch and get your own all33 chair now.

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