The chair
built with you
and your body
in mind

So you can set your goals in motion.

all33 is changing
the way the world sits
by reimagining:

  • Comfort

    Our chairs are built for people, not places. We’ve redefined “ergonomic.”

  • Technology

    Patented, revolutionary tech that lets you move while you sit.

  • Credibility

    We’ve earned the trust of more than 37,000 happy customers. Their reviews speak for themselves.

  • Confidence

    Having your back means using high-quality materials and standing by our 60 day money back guarantee.

Our Story

It all starts with Dr. Dennis Colonello. A natural healer, he began practicing as a chiropractor in Canada before settling in Los Angeles. He used his deep understanding of biomechanics to help patients who had never found relief before.

Word got out that there was a man with healing hands who could adjust your back to literally unlock your body’s true potential. He was soon discovered by a who’s who of Hollywood actors, professional athletes and CEOs (like Cindy Crawford, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Lewis Hamilton – to name a few). He also became the team chiropractor for the L.A. Clippers, treating legendary athletes like Shaq and Blake Griffin.

It was these patients that inspired the concept for the original BackStrong chair. They’d leave his office pain-free, then come back to Dennis (sometimes flying in from halfway around the world just for an adjustment).

The common denominator? They were spending most of their time sitting. No matter how active, fit, and busy they were, sitting still on flights, sets, and offices left them aching.

Dennis spent years thinking about a solution to help his clients escape this cycle of pain. He realized he needed to find a way to let his patients' bodies work like they do when they stand – the way bodies are designed to work. Something that would move all 33 vertebrae.

The Revolutionary Design

Dennis was introduced to Jim Grove, founder of the internationally-acclaimed industrial design firm Designworks USA, who had not only designed hundreds of chairs, but also provided engineering, modeling, and analysis for major companies including BMW. When it came to chairs, Jim let Dennis know he’d travelled the world and seen it all before; that there was nothing new in seating design that hadn’t already been done.

Dennis explained his idea, but it wasn’t until he used his hands to manipulate Jim’s pelvis and recreate the motion a chair needed to make that it clicked for Jim. This was something completely different!

Eureka Moment

It all hinges on the pivot – literally.

They had to create a chair within a chair to employ a revolutionary pivot function, a system that keeps all 33 of your vertebrae moving when you sit, so your body works the way it was designed to work. A system that holds you in perfect posture, keeping you from slouching, and letting you move with flexibility and core strength.

Jim understood how the pelvis needed to move in order to perfect a sitter’s body and our now patented Sit In Motion® Technology was set in motion. They put their combined 90 years of experience to work and made it a reality.

Cut to many years – and dozens of prototypes – later: the all33 BackStrong chair was born.

A Greater Mission

When Dennis and Jim realized the power the BackStrong had to transform people’s lives, they knew they had to share it with everyone who sits. And if professional athletes and celebrities – with access to the best care in the world – were in this much pain, what did that mean for everyone else?

Dennis’s patients, who’d tested the chair, agreed. The duo had found a way to translate the healing power of Dennis’s hands into a mechanism! Many of these patients are all33 backers today, proud to spread the gospel of our unique technology that helps people live free from pain and the negative health effects of poor posture.

Now, tens of thousands of people all over the world have been able to experience this revolution in sitting through their life-changing results.

The WFH Era

Every day, we get more and more tethered to our desks and computers. Our modern lifestyle constantly thwarts our ability to be active.

all33 is all breaking those chains and finding freedom through movement. We want to change the idea that we live to work; instead, we should be working to live a life you can enjoy – improving and striving for our best each day.

Your life is yours to dream with and make waves. We want to make sure your body is up for the adventure.



First prototype is completed


BackStrong pre-launches on Kickstarter


Featured on Shark Tank


July 4th: launched the next evolution of Sit in Motion® tech, the Axion


The all33 BackStrong is born after years of research and testing with patients

2019 founded


Named “Best Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain” by Popular Science

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