When you receive your BackStrong Chair it will arrive in a 61 lb box that measures 31″ × 26″ × 22″. Assembly should only take about 11 minutes! An Assembly and Instructions Guide will be included in your shipment, as well as the necessary tools for assembling the chair. You can also refer to the Unboxing video for guidance.


Step By Step Guide

First, find a soft protective surface to avoid scratching components during assembly. This can be anything such as a carpet, rug, towel, or blanket.

Next, Open your package.

Inside, you will find 4 individually wrapped components along with two smaller cardboard boxes.

Unwrap and lay each individual component onto your protected surface.

Make sure that you have all of the following components:


×5 Casters


×1 Star Base


×1 Gas Lift


×1 Seat Plate


×1 Seat Assembly


×4 ¾″ Bolts


×1 Allen Key

×1 Assembly Instructions

You are now ready to begin assembling your new all33 chair!

Start by placing the star base (A) upside down.

Insert each of the five casters (B) into the holes on the star base. Make sure to push firmly until all casters are securely in place.

Flip the star base over, so that the casters are on the floor.


Next, insert the gas lift (C) through the center hole on top of the star base (B).

The gas lift should be oriented so that the narrowest part is on top.

Set Aside.


Place the seat assembly (E) on your protective surface with the bucket closed and attach the seat plate (D) to the bottom of the seat assembly (E). Use the allen key (G) to tighten the bolts (F) completely so that the seat plate and assembly are secure.


Now, place the seat assembly (E) with the attached seat plate (D) on top of the gas lift (C) and press down until the lift is fully seated.


Finally, standing in front of the chair, push the back cushion into an upright position. Take caution and avoid pinching your fingers as the back locks into its correct position. Listen for the “click lock” sound that will signal that your chair is fully upright.

You are now done assembling your new BackStrong C1 Chair!

Chair Care

The BackStrong C1 was built to last with the proper care. You can request replacement pieces by contacting our Customer Service team at support@all33.com, or (855) 223-6010.

You can find our full disassembly, replacement, and repair guides here:

How to Disassemble Your BackStrong C1

How to Remove/Replace the Cushions

How to Remove/Replace the Gas Lift

How to Remove/Replace the Base

How to Remove/Replace the Entire Arm

How to Remove/Replace the Arm Pad

How to Remove/Replace the Pivot

Upholstery Care

The BackStrong C1 is exceedingly durable, but proper care is still crucial. In order to ensure it remains in good condition, you must take care to clean it regularly and keep liquids (including sweat) away from your chair.

all33 Vegan Leather

To clean your BackStrong C1’s vegan leather, use a slightly-dampened microfiber cloth. Simply sprinkle the cloth with a little water, wipe the leather clean from dirt and light stains, and leave the chair to air dry.

Leather cleaning products work well on our vegan leather. Make sure to spot test the product on a small area before cleaning your chair completely. Spray a small amount onto a clean microfiber cloth and gently wipe clean.

all33 Fabric

Over time, it’s natural for fabric to trap loose particles and dirt. These can be easily removed with a vacuum. Clean any spills as soon as possible by blotting with a dry cloth or paper towel, taking care not to rub the stain into the fabric.

Stubborn spots may require the use of a fabric cleaner or stain remover. Spray a small amount onto a clean microfiber cloth, and clean according to the cleaner’s instructions. Make sure to spot test on a small area of fabric before cleaning.