It's a perfect chair. The team combined beauty with a perfect sit and enduringly strong materials. It's by far the most beautiful eye-catcher in my house.

Thank you guys

Christa J.

I LOVE this chair. It is sturdy, comfy, and the envy of everyone who has seen it.

Best of all, I no longer get up from multiple-hours of video editing with freezing hands (bad posture limits blood flow to hands) and sore back.

It's taken some getting used to the idea I'm not gonna hurt when I stand up... but I can live with that. :)

Shawn S.

A masterpiece of design, right down to the packaging!

I’m aware it’s making me sit properly, bottom well back in the chair, and I’m loving being able to rock backwards and feel the lower back support.

Rosalind P.

WOW! Not only is this the best chair for my spine, neck to tailbone, but my abs and laterals are already stronger and been sitting in it less than a month.

Thank you BackStrong!

Sherri M.