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Investing in Your Health

Investing in your health means focusing on prevention, not just throwing money at rehabilitation. Protecting your back by fixing the way you sit is the only way to ensure long-term health in the form of reduced pain, increased flexibility, and strengthened muscles.

Sedentary living is linked to serious conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. Our unique chiropractor-formulated Sit in Motion® technology allows the chair to engage your core and move with you as you sit. Keeping your body moving keeps the blood flowing, and everything in your body – from your muscles to your brain – needs the nutrients and oxygen that circulating blood brings with it.

These are the only chairs that can give all 33 of your vertebrae the freedom to move.

Customers report an increase in energy level, focus, and mood as a result.

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Our bodies were built to be in motion, so when you spend most of your day in a seated position it can leave your spine sore, stiff, and in pain. Sitting improperly locks your hips in place, resulting in tightness of your hip flexors, shoulders and neck. Alarmingly, sitting still for long periods of time is also linked to long-term diseases. Not only does Sit in Motion® technology free you to move naturally, but all33 chairs are also designed to stack your spine into proper posture. The benefits of good posture are endless, but they include better breathing, improved digestion, and injury prevention.


If you work from home or in an office and sit for hours at a time, OUR CHAIRS OFFER much-needed relief.

Nothing can replace taking breaks and exercising your body – but our chairs are the only ones on the market that make necessary sitting time as healthy as possible. Tens of thousands of customers have found relief from hip pain, back pain, sciatica, and injury.

How Sit in Motion® Works

The Axion has a swing-like saddle that moves with you

and allows your spine and hips the mobility they need for pain-free, perfect posture.

Vegan Leather & Fabric

Vegan Leather

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Red

Vegan leather (or Ultraleather) is synthetic leather that’s a soft substitute to animal leather. Today’s synthetic leathers feel great, are more durable than animal leather, and are easy to clean. The material also breathes well, making your chair cool to the touch. We use vegan leather because of all these benefits, and because it looks great while being eco-conscious!


  • Black
  • Tan
  • Red

Our knit polyester fabric has 3-way stretch that conforms to the cushions and gives when you sit. It is stain and water resistant to ensure your chair stays clean, and passed a “color fastness” test showing resistance to abrasions, UV light, and wet/dry crocking.

Is The Axion Right For Me?

Product Specifications

While the optimal height range for this chair is 5′ 2″ (157.5 cm) to 6′ 3″ (190.5 cm), some of our customers who fall outside of this range have still found it to be a comfortable fit.

The seat height is 23.25″. The adjustable range is 19″–23.25″.

Maximum weight capacity 275 pounds.

For more information on the BIFMA testing standards, please visit their website: BIFMA Standards Overview.

  • Chair Size 19″–23 ¼″
  • Seat Height 19″–23¼″
  • Seating Area Depth 17½″
  • From Arm to Floor 24¾″–27¾″
  • Carton Size 30¾″L × 21½″W × 26″H
  • Weight N.W. 48.86lbs, G.W. 60.28lbs
  • Foam Molded foam
  • Arms Solid PU arm pads
  • Gas Lift CP-1680-45 (80/185mm drop down 45mm)

Our Commitment To The Environment

We have made the Axion as green as possible.

The plastic used in the chair is recyclable and we offer a vegan leather alternative instead of using animal products. Most importantly, the upholstered pieces are replaceable. We are sick of seeing chairs discarded in back alleys. With the Axion you can replace the upholstered components for a refreshed chair!

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