Care About Your Bottom Line?

Productivity has never been more difficult to achieve or monitor. Make an investment in your team with the Axion. They’ll return it in spades.

Power Up Productivity

Did you know that the way your team sits directly determines how they perform?

An average of 5.2 work hours per week are lost due to back pain or arthritis in the U.S.

With work from home here to stay, the best way to ensure that your company succeeds is to guarantee that everyone has a comfortable and productive workspace.

The Axions design is engineered to give people an extra push; it gently guides the spine into proper posture, reducing strain on the rest of the body. Its rocking bucket seat allows for movement in hip flexors and lower back, stimulating circulation and oxygenation which results in increased energy.

Comfortable, free to move, and supported, your team can get in the zone and accomplish goals with more focus and clarity.

Boost Morale

Isolation, fatigue, distraction … keeping your team happy and healthy in the era of remote work is difficult.

The Axion is a boon both psychologically and physically. Not only does purchasing the most advanced ergonomic chair for your team show them you care, but it also provides proven health benefits including increased energy and reduced pain which will put them in a better mood.

Better Than A Stipend

“The total cost to employers for back pain amounts to $34,600 per 100 employees annually.”



Gain Back and
Core Strength

Achieve Greater

Instead of giving your employees a stipend for their home office, invest in a proven tool that you know will help them and your company. We offer corporate discounts when you buy the Axion in bulk. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Plus, the Axion is a risk-free investment — it’s covered by a 60 day Money Back Guarantee.

Adjustable for Each Team Member

No matter how diverse your team, the Axion can be adjusted for a perfect fit. Plus, foldaway arms allow for scooting close to the desk for reduced eye strain.

Raving Reviews about WFH with the ALL33 Axion chair

With Covid-19 having such an impact on all our lives, I'm spending more time at my computer and with my home-based business, I needed a chair that would promote better focus and more energy. The Axion desk chair is all that and more. Now I just need to get in the routine of doing those exercises your videos explain. Thanks for this product.


After weeks turned into months since now working from home since the 1st week in March due to C-19 & using an old chair here at the house plus having neck/shoulder and back problems (had that already) & in addition, had to have some neck/shoulder injections plus many PT sessions, I am finally comfortable sitting most of the day! And it was easy to put together.


Best Buy of the Year

After shifting to a work from home situation, my ongoing neck issues became worse. I had the choice to continue seeing my chiropractor every two weeks or change my home chair. After researching chairs like I had at the office, I came across the All 33 and felt like it was going to address the alignment issues I have better than the chair half the price at the home office store. I took a leap of faith and gave it a try and really happy I did. My neck and shoulder pain has been alleviated and I can sit through 2 hour conference calls now. I should add that my team wants to know when they're going to get one now, and I'm not sure I'll be able to head back to the office without it! Thank you for a wonderfully designed product with the user in mind. …Read more


Well worth the investment

After my company decided to go remote in the spring I knew that spending upwards of 9–10 hours in my $200 home office chair was going to take a toll on me. Being that I'm still in my twenties the soreness I would incur from a day of work was manageable, but when I started doing some research on the long term effects of being so sedentary I knew I had to invest in a better product. I was referred to All33 by a colleague and after doing some extensive research I decided to give them a try. First off the chair is a total conversation piece, the design truly feels premium and I can tell this thing is going to last for a long time. The first week of having the chair was a learning process - my upper back muscles were tense after sitting in the chair. A week after I received the chair I reached out about feeling discomfort with the product but the team at All33 assured me that my muscles just needed to be retrained to sitting with correct posture, so I decided to give it another week. They were right! After two weeks of having the chair I began to notice my posture had shifted, I was standing up straighter and my back muscles were no longer feeling sore. I am able to sit for longer periods of time and even feel like I'm getting a little workout in when I push off the ground in the bucket. I feel more energetic and motivated to tackle the day knowing that I'm not going to be in pain after a couple of hours of sitting. I highly recommend anyone spending more than 6 hours sitting invest in one of these, your back will thank you!!! …Read more