One thing that patients do that immediately undoes their chiropractors’ work.
What people can learn from crabs about posture, flexibility, and movement.
Which muscles in your body burn the most calories and how you can move them more.
The simple thing anyone can do to breathe better and protect their muscles, back, and overall health.
Keeps your lower back both loose, stretched and pain-free allowing you to live life better.
Gently forces ideal posture; opening the chest to allow for deep breathing
Frees and encourages your pelvis to move, working your core to turn flab into abs
Engages your legs; pumping fresh blood to your brain to sharpen your focus & increase productivity

“What a fantastic device”

Marco R.

Finding a comfortable chair was paramount for me. And a very difficult task as well. There was no adjustment period. I felt great since the first time I sat on it. I have very complicated issues on my back. I am coming from 6 spine surgeries. Last year I had a failed Artificial Disk replacement and just six weeks ago I had a posterior stabilization and fusion. This is the only chair that is really comfortable for me. It was a gift from my wife for Father's Day and I love it. What a fantastic device. As soon as I sit on it, it helps my back to feel better and in the long term it will even help my core to be stronger. I have tried so many chairs and stools and nothing felt right since the first time. This Chair is the real deal. What a great gift for me. Thank you.

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“Feels wonderful!”

Nancy Sinatra

Like most people, I spend too much time seated at my computer. Add to that a lifetime of common injuries and a dash of arthritis. His first advice: Learn how to sit. Sitting is the enemy! Sounds easy, but it really isn’t. Fortunately, Dennis has invented THE BACK STRONG CHAIR that gives you the exact posture needed to relieve whatever ails you. It literally forces your back to sit perfectly without any cheating, and it feels wonderful!
Thank you, Dennis!

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“No More Sciatica!”

Chuck R.

I work as a writer for a non-profit, so I sit at my desk most every day all day. For the first time in my life, I developed truly horrible sciatica back pain that ran down my left hip, leg, and ankle. Some days I could barely walk. Moving from sitting to standing, or the reverse, from standing to sitting was the worst. Sharp, stabbing pain! Pain killers and sitting nightly in my hot tub helped manage the pain some, but not alleviate it. So I wondered if a different office chair might help? I looked at many different chairs at the local office supply store. And I searched online and found the All33 Backstrong chair. The office supply store chairs certainly were a lot less costly than the All33 Backstong chair, but I didn't think they would help my sciatica condition. So I risked the purchase and ordered the Backstrong chair, having never seen it in person or sitting in it. It came in a few days after ordering and I easily assembled it (though simply bending over hurt like crazy). Amazingly, in less than a week my back began to feel different. In two weeks my sciatica almost was gone. I stopped taking pain meds. Now all my back, hip, leg, and ankle pain are completely GONE! I never would have imagined that simply sitting in a chair could fix my condition. My wife told her chiropractor my story and even he was amazed and asked for information about the chair. My CEO heard me tell my story and asked how he could order a chair for himself. Yes, the chair is pricey, but worth every cent not to be in excruciating, daily pain.

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“I Keep Waiting to Not Like It (a lesson in futility, it appears)”

David L.

I saw a negative video after placing my order. I immediately emailed ALL33 asking if they could please cancel it. Unfortunately, they were unable to cancel but did tell me to go ahead and refuse the shipment. Sue, the CS rep emailing me, was very accommodating. The chair arrived very quickly, just three days after placing my order. I weighed out refusing but curiosity got the best of me. I very carefully unpacked it, fully expecting to be re-packing it for return. All I’ll say is that I’m SO GLAD they didn’t cancel my order. I’m 59 years old and have sat in a LOT of business chairs over the years. I’ve NEVER experienced ANYTHING like the comfort & (almost crazy) benefits I get from using this particular chair. It’s amazing, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. They’d have to send armed guards to get it back from me at this point. I think it's safe to go ahead and recycle the box now. ;)

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“Working Title...”

Kim P.

I bought this chair because of Bruce Willis' recommendation and I have arthritis in my lower back. First off, I'm a woman and set this up by myself in ten minutes. Secondly, I only bought this because it had a money back guarantee that I was sure I would use even if I had to drive it the 60 miles to Beverly Hills. I can try 20 office chairs and not find comfort in a single one. I am that picky with chairs. It's not that I'm hard to please, but my lower back definitely is. Arthritis sucks and you do what you can. I do not believe in medication. I'd rather deal with the problem and see what works.

I've used an $1.100 Knoll Life chair for the last 10 years - one at the office and one in my home office. It is a great chair but I had to try the Backstrong because I have lousy posture and a bad lower back and I will try anything that comes highly recommended as this chair did. (I WAS very skeptical when I ordered it.) Once putting the chair together yesterday, I put my Knoll Life chair out of the way and used the Backstrong chair for about 3 or 4 hours and finished up for the day. This morning, I used it a few hours and decided to sit in my Knoll Life chair just to see how it made my back feel because my lower back was in pain. I sat down and my back immediately slouched. The lack of support hit me like a train. I immediately went to my son's room and gave him my Knoll life chair.

One thing I notice is the chair lifts your rib cage up and keeps it upright. Keeping yourself upright requires muscles we slouchers don't use enough, so I think the first few weeks will be tough on the back muscles especially. I've noticed that in just these past two days. The exercises that come with the chair are awesome and I do them a few times a day. Many of them I've done before because when you have a bad back you stretch in ways that alleviates the pain, which is what the exercises do.

Overall, this is an AWESOME chair and I highly recommend it. It's also relatively inexpensive considering you're getting a chair that truly supports correct posture unlike any other I've tried. Most chairs that claim this - like my Knoll chair - are more comfortable than the average expensive chair, but can't compete with this Backstrong chair. This is in a class by itself. I have a great chiropractor in Orange County, California who I've known for 30 years. He will get a full report from me on this chair next week. It is really that good

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“I was Dubious ... Now I'm a Believer”

Herb G.

I bought this for a friend who is 80 and was having memory problems and it really helped.As soon as he he stopped taking it I could see a difference. That's when Idecided to start try it myself. It's been three months now and it's made a big difference in my memory and ability to focus. I'm remembering names and details of things that were hard to think of before. I can sit and do crossword puzzle a lot easier as well! For me, this one is a keeper. It's definitely a supplement Itake no matter what. Ican tell the difference if I miss it!"

We would discuss it the few times I went in to deal with some ache or pain, most if not all caused by the amount of time I spend sitting. I have spondylolisthesis and, as a writer who also runs a small research business, I sit much of the day and focus. That is NOT a good combo, which is why ergonomics and back support are VERY important to me.

Over the years, I have spent thousands on chairs. For at least 10 years my chair was the Humanscale Freedom Chair. But I always complained it was too hard, especially at my tailbone and lower spine. Then, after doing an enormous amount of research and test-sitting, I switched to the Herman Miller Embody. The Embody’s concept (in theory, at least) seemed to make sense since it uses tiny spring-like pixels that supposedly release pressure as your body moves. That was my chair for at least the last six years. But I still had uncomfortable pressure in my tailbone and lower spine. And I would be stiff when I got up after hours of sitting. I’m 68, so I simply figured that was to be expected.

But still… I hated the stiffness of my spine, especially since I regularly exercise and do stretching exercises. With both the Freedom Chair and the Embody, I also always grumbled that neither would tilt forward or do something so I wouldn’t slouch as I would focus on writing.

Then, about a year after my chiropractor first told me about it – after feeling the sitting was really starting to take a toll – I took the plunge. The Backstrong was on sale for Black Friday and was priced at about half the price of Embody with a money-back guarantee and a long trial period. I had ZERO to lose.

Verdict: Let’s just say the Embody is now in the garage and will likely be sold or donated. The silly bucket on the Backstrong isn’t so silly, after all. For the first time in years, I can feel my vertebrate move (while I'm sitting, no less), at times like I’m having a minor adjustment. The REAL secret, I think, is that there is no chair – just air – where your tailbone is. That results in zero pressure.

Some people have complained that it’s too hard. Well, it isn’t soft. But the benefit of that is that you are forced to stand every now and then.

Let’s face it, there is no perfect chair; they ALL have tradeoffs. The Backstrong is closer to their claim of slouch proof WHILE YOU ARE WRITING than any chair I have seen or tried.

This is a serious task chair with the added benefit of being able to rock your pelvis as you sit, so your lower spine doesn’t get stuck. (Think of the rocking pelvis exercises you might do while on your back.) The best news, I’m no longer stiff when I stand after hours of sitting. Certain pains have disappeared or have been minimized.

My only complaint about the chair is the quality. The first chair they sent had a pretty bad squeak. That was immediately handled by the fantastic Sandra in customer relations. I have no idea who she is, but she deserves a raise. I also think the casters that come with the chair are too slick for hard flooring. I know that mine was. Solution: I replaced them with the wood-floor casters that I had ordered with my Embody.

All in all, in my case this chair appears to REALLY be what the doctor ordered!

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“Can now sit without pain and stiffness”

Michelle B.

I’ve had this chair for almost a year. Before this chair, I could only sit at my desk for about 20 mins and when I got up to walk around my hips and low back were stiff and painful. If you look at the reviews, they seem to be too good to be true. But after having this chair for a year, I know that these are real. The moving seat and it’s design means relief for your tailbone, low back and hips. When the chair comes, they give you a seated exercise that strengthens your core by purposely making the saddle portion move. I usually do that exercise a few times each day and it’s super easy. I’d say it took me about 10 days to two weeks to get used to the chair, particularly as my muscles and posture started to adjust. But now I can sit and I don’t have any pain while sitting and only mild stiffness (no pain) after getting up. Looking back to how difficult sitting was before this chair and now, I am now ready to #sharemychair. I couldn’t be happier. Also, there was a problem with the saddle section when it arrived. It had too much padding at the top portion and rubbed against the chair, restricting motion. Customer Service sent me a new saddle section (no charge and didn’t need to return the defective saddle) and then the chair worked as expected.

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“Instant Satisfaction!”

Jim C.

I instantly found myself spending all my time in the all33, replacing both my soft leather lounge chair and my massage chair. I found that Incredible! After the first day my lower back felt much looser and I was not sore after standing for the first time. Why would I spend all my time in this one smaller chair? The results explained it all! I’m very impressed with the quality!

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“No more pain I’m my neck each night after a day at the desk!”

John L.

Just a short time retraining myself on not sitting forward in my chair. If you do as designed, not only does it feel better through the day, your back is aligned so that strain from your head on your neck is gone. GONE! This is not to be confused with another $100-$300 cheap office chair. This is a well designed, high quality investment to your overall health. I am sold on my chair and will tell all I know to make the switch.

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“Best office Chair in the World”

Connie M.

I love this chair! I have been sitting on office chairs for 45 years. This chair makes you sit up straight no matter where you are sitting. My back and neck are feeling so much better. I wish my sofa would sit like this. It is worth every cent! Thank you for this wonderful product.

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“This has become the most popular chair in the house!”

Shelly A.

I bought one of these about 5 months ago and it has been great for my work from home life. I love how it supports me and demands good posture which makes me feel better overall. My husband has now started stealing this chair in the evenings when he is watching TV because he loves it so much. It has replaced his recliner as chair of choice.

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“Changed my life”

Travis W.

I was very skeptical about spending this kind of money on a chair but I do work 9 hours a day in one and figured most of my back pain probably stems from that. I've had the chair for a few weeks now and this is honestly the most comfortable chair I've sat in. The support is excellent and I notice that I'm sleeping better at night as well. Overall, I would purchase this again without any apprehension now knowing what I know.

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“Zero regrets for treating my health ”

Wayne W.

I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on a chair. I just built a new home office shed in my backyard because I committed to having my own company and working from home. I knew I would be spending a lot of hours at the desk and historically I would have back pains at the end of the day. Currently the pain has been in my shoulder blades.

I could not believe how almost instantaneously the pain went away when I sat in the chair after assembling (which was very simple and fast). I am not exaggerating either. The chair arrived around 3pm, so I had been sitting in my old chair all day and had the pain in my back. I am not sure how it made my back feel better after just sitting in it for a few minutes, but it did.

I am a very ergonomic conscious person (hi/low table, trackball, split keyboard, 3d mouse, etc...) and periodically see a chiropractor. I take form and position very seriously. My other chairs are not cheap either, usually in the $200 to $400 range.

I am very happy with the investment and zero regrets for treating my health as a new business owner.

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“PC gamer approved, fixed my shoulder flaring up during gameplay”

Braeden C.

I will start off by saying I am likely one of the youngest to purchase this chair. At only 21, I have not had the best supportive back during my life and my right shoulder literally never stops popping, (no really, I've tried) which likely isn't helped by the fact I spend so much of my free time at my desktop PC playing games. After a decent amount of hours in my old chair, my back would get very sore, and my shoulder would literally feel like it was burning internally.

I wanted to find something different from the standard office chair I had, and came across many "PC gaming" chairs online. Basically just car racing chairs screwed onto desktop chair wheels. It was obvious to me that during actual gameplay, they would not provide any real back support. Most of them have a flat backrest with literally 0 lumbar support, and those that do are often just a soft lumbar pillow that constantly needs to be readjusted.

No lie, this chair is very expensive, and is considered expensive, especially among the PC gaming community that would rather put a large amount of that money towards their setup and settle for spending maybe $300 at MOST on whatever "gaming" chairs there are on Amazon. My pre-existing back issues are probably the only reason I stand out among my community, as I knew if i didn't do something now, I would risk bigger issues in the future, therefore it was worth the money to me. As soon as It came in the mail and I sat in it, I knew that this chair was 100% lumbar support.

A warning to new users is there is a BREAK IN PERIOD. Different parts of my back and core would feel sore, HOWEVER it was a GOOD kind of sore. The same kind you feel after weightlifting, meaning your body is strengthening itself, and not the kind of sore that feels like internal fire. In the beginning, I took breaks to lie down in bed which surprisingly made sleep more comfortable.

Since using this chair, my back does not get nearly as uncomfortable after long hours, and I do not ever recall feeling my shoulder flare up like it did in my old office chairs. It also feels very durable, as if it will outlive me, helping to justify the high price. Which is why I'm glad the makers claim it can be reupholstered easily.

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“I now have 3 all33 chairs”

Kevin D.

I bought this chair hoping it would be a solution to the very stiff back I get from sitting in any of my office chairs (a Herman Miller Aeron and a top of the line Case chair) for even ten minutes. I figured the swiveled sitting mechanism of the All33 was likely just a gimmick, but I figured, with a money back guarantee, what do I have to lose. Once the chair arrived, I assembled it ( very easy to do!) and started using it. Even though it was a little strange ( I'm not used to sitting up straight) within couple of hours I was convinced. Getting out of the chair is just as described, effortless and that achy stiff back thing is history. WOW! I now have 3 All33 chairs, one for my work office, one for our conference room and one for my home office. I don't want to sit in anything else. My only complaint is I now get some tingling in my shoulders and neck area... I presume because my whole back is likely out of whack from sitting with inadequate support for so many years and the chair is in essence, letting me know.

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