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The concept of the all33 BackStrong Chair is All-American. The research, prototyping, and initial manufacturing for it was all done here in the States. Today, some parts are brought from China, but our chairs are packaged and shipped in the USA by our warehouse employees.

The BackStrong chair was designed to fit the 95th percentile of human beings, meaning it conforms to the same height requirements that car seats must follow. Only 5% of the population may be too tall, and 5% may be too small. For specific reference, these standards are not designed to fit individuals under 4′ 11.5″ or over 6′ 1.5″.

In regard to weight, testing by (BIFMA) shows that our chair supports up to 275 pounds. BIFMA (the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) is the not‐for-profit trade association for business and furniture manufacturers. Since 1973, BIFMA has been the voice of the commercial furniture industry and sets the standards for safety and testing. For more information on the BIFMA testing standards, please visit their website: BIFMA Standards Overview

Every back is unique, and so are the pains that come with it. Our chair has helped a lot of people with a variety of conditions, including hip and back pain, sciatica, and recovery from surgery. Ask your doctor if this chair is right for you and read our reviews to find out more about all the ways the chair is helping others!

We recommend that you use your chair for at least 10 days before considering a return to allow your body the necessary time to adjust. In the event of poor fit, our goal is to help customers adjust the chair to their bodies and create a fit that DOES work, and we have a support team trained to help you adjust the chair to fit you best.

If you would still like to request a return, you are eligible to do so within 60 days of purchase for a full refund. A $100 restocking fee will be deducted from the returned funds.

Return shipping costs vary depending on the courier you use to return the chair. To get an estimate, you may refer to the size of the box. It is recommended that you keep the original box the chair arrived in if you are considering a return, to avoid having to acquire one on your own. Each chair is packed in a single box with the following measurements: Box size in inches: 30.75″ × 21.5″ × 26″, CUFT = 9.64′, Gross Weight = 60.23 lbs, Net Weight = 46.86 lbs. Some chairs can cost up to $200.00 to return, depending on your courier choice. We can provide a return label, but this will be deducted from your refund.

Our chair is currently available at select Staples stores across the country. See the full list of locations on their website.