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Our bodies were designed to move. Not only do we spend over one third of our lives sitting down, we sit wrong, and a lifetime of sedentary living leads to weight gain and back problems as we age. While it's difficult to change the hours we spend sitting each day due to work, we can change the way we sit, and the all33 chair was built to do just that.

There are plenty of chairs designed to reduce back pain and improve posture, but ours is the only chair on the market built with a patented Sit-in-Motion® pivot seat that keeps your body moving while you sit. You engage similar muscles as you do while walking, resulting in increased blood flow, more oxygen to your muscles, an engaged core and heightened focus.

The chair you choose to sit in is one of the most underrated decisions you can make in your life. We spend one third of our lives sleeping and are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a quality mattress to get a good night’s sleep. But neglect the other third of our lives we spend sitting and the need for a good day’s sit. By buying an all33 chair, you are making an investment in your health. For those who can’t pay for the whole chair at once, we have a payment plan with affirm so you can pay just $62 per month over time.

Our chair was designed to fit the 95th percentile of human beings, meaning it conforms to the same height requirements that car seats must follow. Only 5% of the population may be too tall or too small. Generally, this means individuals under 4′ 11.5″ or over 6′ 1.5″, but this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, since even the NBA star Shaquille O’ Neile relies on the all33 chair. In regard to weight, testing by BIFMA shows our chair supports up to 275 pounds.

The first time you sit in our chair you’ll be engaging muscles you haven’t used in a long time (or ever!). We recommend trying the chair for at least two weeks so your body gets used to sitting with proper posture. If you still aren’t into it, no worries. We have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Our chair is available in select Staples stores across the United States. We recommend ordering the chair from our website. We ship it straight to your door for free and you have 60 days to try it at home with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

The BackStrong was our original chair. But after listening to feedback from customers, we realized a few key design innovations could deliver an even more powerful sitting experience. We’ve upgraded the seat with a softer cushion that encourages users to sit back fully in their chairs for optimal posture. We also brought all manufacturing to America to gain more control of the production process and guarantee 100% quality on every component of the chair. As a result, we’ve insulated ourselves from global supply chain issues while reducing our carbon footprint. Now customers can start sitting healthier faster than ever and feel good about supporting the time-honored tradition of American manufacturing.

Looking for BackStrong info? Download the BackStrong user manual here.

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