In order to get the benefits your BackStrong C1 was designed to provide, you must use it correctly. First off, that means that you have to sit back in your chair, so that your butt is all the way to the back. This allows the chair to guide your spine into proper alignment and stack your vertebrae, relieving your back from the weight of your head.

There is no set limit to how long you should spend sitting in your BackStrong C1, but we encourage everyone to get up and move around at least once per hour to help increase blood flow and stimulate your muscles. Providing yourself with short bursts of exercise or gentle stretching will not only help invigorate you physically, but will also help with focus.

Adjusting your BackStrong C1 chair

Your BackStrong C1 was designed to be adjustable to most people’s needs. You can adjust the seat height, the tilt and tension, and you can also flip the arms all the way up and out of the way in order to scoot close to your desk.


To adjust seat height:

While seated, lean forward and reach under the right side of the chair to find the handle. Lift the handle and raise your body up slightly to allow the chair to rise to the desired height. Once desired height is reached, release handle to lock chair in place. To lower the seat, lift the handle while seated. The chair will descend until the handle is released or the chair reaches the lowest possible position.

To adjust tension on the tilt:

Reach under the front center of the chair, grasp the round knob and turn it counterclockwise to stiffen the tilt mechanism for a heavier user. Turn the knob clockwise to loosen the tilt mechanism for a lighter user. Rotate the knob until the desired resistance is reached.

To Operate Tilt Lockout:

While seated, reach under the right side of the chair to find the height adjustment handle. Pull the handle all the way out (away from the seat plate) to allow the chair to tilt backwards. To stop the tilt mechanism, push height adjustment handle in toward the seat plate.

To Operate Pivot Function:

First, sit on the chair, then lift yourself slightly and make sure you are sitting all the way to the back of the chair. Your body weight will now balance in the pivot of the chair. Push up from the floor with your toes to feel the pivot and rebalancing. You will feel how your core muscles will engage and can get stronger with this action!

To adjust arms:

The chair has movable arms so they can be flipped up and down. Simply push the arms up next to the back cushion to roll your chair nearer to your desk.

360° Swivel

Once you've found your sweet spot, you can push off with your feet to turn in your chair.

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Getting used to your BackStrong C1

The BackStrong C1 has an adjustment period; it’s perfectly normal for your back or another part of your body to feel sore when you first start using it.

When we get comfortable in our bad posture, our bodies need a period of readjustment. During the first few days, or even weeks, you may find that your body is engaging muscles that have not been used in a long time (or ever!). These muscles are supposed to be used when sitting to hold your body and back erect. Since they have likely not been used (or exercised) in this way, it is much like the experience one would have when going to the gym and lifting weights for the first time in awhile.

***If your soreness or discomfort continues for a longer period, we urge you to stop using the BackStrong C1 and consult a medical professional to diagnose your specific condition and situation.

Testing out the BackStrong C1 chair

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For the full list of stores where you can try the BackStrong before you buy it, visit Staples Connect.