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We solved sitting So you can feel your best in and out of your chair

Sitting still is bad for you. Our chairs allow your pelvis to move the way it does while you walk — so all 33 vertebrae align into perfect posture. The result? Better breathing, better blood flow, and relief from pain. It’s crazy what you can do when you set your body to it.

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The BackStrong C1's innovative rocking bucket seat provides back support and posture control no matter your sitting angle.

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“I was worried about spending this kind of money on a chair I couldn’t try out first, but I’m so glad I went with my gut, I’m completely pain free while sitting for hours on end.”

We believe in comfort and ease in every aspect of life. If you are anything less than completely ecstatic about your new chair, know that we have your back.

Elevated Comfort Supported by Science

Add ease to your day

Reactive and supportive, our chairs do the work for you so you improve your posture without having to think about it. Shaped to fit the natural curves of your spine, the seat’s lumbar support induces perfect alignment of your spine.

How It Works

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Designed by LA’s leading chiropractor, our chairs have earned the support of the wellness community. Watch world-renowned Dr. Travis Stork explain why he believes the all33 BackStrong chair is a must-have for anyone who sits throughout the day.

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Invest In Your Health

Ours is the only chair in the world that allows natural movement of the pelvis and all 33 vertebrae while you sit. This allows for healthy blood flow all day long and increased flexibility. Plus, the foldaway arms allow you to sit closer and reduce strain on your eyes.

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Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say

Pat, 62

“This is the best chair on the market. Allows your spine to move and flow with your movements. It’s awesome.”

Chris, 53

“I have had back and hip pain for awhile, and it’s noticeably gone now. All of that disappeared the first time I sat down, raised the seat, adjusted the tension and then played with the bucket element.

Gene, 49

“All of a sudden I was working at home. I was in ergonomic agony until I received my all33 chair. Now my back is supported! No more heating pad for me. Thanks all33!”

Sherri, 38

“Because of the engineering it always forces me to sit up straight.”


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