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Our reviews say it all.
Find out what real users and the press have to say about what makes all33 unlike any other chair.

“Best ergonomic chair for back pain”

— Carsen Joenk

“Backed by science, and it really works”

— Kathleen Walsh

“Better posture, reduced pain, and neck relief”

— Reader’s Digest

“This chair is the real deal. It made a believer out of me”

— Review Geek

“Innovative, cradle-like bucket seat automatically conforms to your body weight and relieves lower pressure while the high back provides necessary lumbar support”

— Alexandra Polk

“If you’re prone to slouching down into your seat during the workday, this chair should be on your radar”

— Gear Patrol

“Setup takes all of 10 minutes at most, so you can get to bettering your posture ASAP”

— Popular Science

“Allows your pelvis and back to move more naturally than other chairs with a static back”

— In the Know

“The BackStrong chair shifts with you, allowing your spine and pelvis to move naturally while preventing slouching”

— Architectural Digest

“Forcing you upright is how this clever office chair distinguishes itself from the many other miracle-promising chairs out there”

— Will Price and Tyler Chin

“This is truly a “slouch-proof” chair”

— NewsBreak

“My office chair of choice in the WFH era”

— Inside Hook

“We found this unique design effective in engaging our core muscles when we moved in the chair”

— The New York Times — Wirecutter

“Decompresses the lumbar curve and gently lifts your thoracic spine for instant posture improvement”

— E! News

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Based on 500 reviews

“If you gotta sit,
this is it!”

Justin Bieber


“I feel like I just got an

Serinda Swan


“This chair is what you

Bruce Willis


“You can’t slouch in
this chair.”

Paula Abdul


“It gives you the exact

Nancy Sinatra


“I think it is a genius

George Hamilton

Never giving up this chair

I’m in my 20s, but I’ve always had a horrible slouching habit and lower back pain from poor posture — I have somehow grown to be accustomed to sitting and standing hunched over. Since swapping my hard kitchen chair for this chair, I have noticed myself sitting and standing up straighter than I ever have, which has always been a long-term goal of mine (one that I let myself put off for “later”).

I am honestly a bit shocked that sitting in the right chair was the thing to fix it. And as if that isn’t enough, my lower back doesn’t ache after sitting for 8-hours at a time. I did have a short adjustment period where my back was a bit sore, but it made me feel as though my back muscles were getting stronger. I wouldn’t trade my all33 chair for one of the more expensive office chairs out there…

Lilly C.

I’ve tried them all

As a career software engineer, I’ve tried just about every single ergonomic chair that is sold. I gave up looking for a good chair at home because I wasn’t going to spend over a grand for a chair that I knew would not allow me to sit in it for several hours while I'm working out a difficult problem. When I saw this BackStrong C1 chair, I thought … ok … it’s under a grand and it seems to be addressing the problem with sitting and lower backs. I found [this] chair to be AMAZING. I can sit and do my business and not have to do an hour of yoga to get my back unbound. It makes you have good posture and it also allows you to work on your lower back stiffness while you are sitting. KUDOS!

Curtis K.

BackStrong C1 Eliminates Back Pain and Improves Posture

I really love this chair. All my life I have dealt with scoliosis, bad posture and morning back pain. After the first week of using this chair, all my back pain is gone, my posture is improving and my spine seems straighter. Besides that, the chair is the most comfortable I have ever used. It is so great as a desk chair in front of the computer and even makes meditation a lot more comfortable. Can’t wait to use it every day!

Jane B.

Changed my life

I was very skeptical about spending this kind of money on a chair but I do work 9 hours a day in one and figured most of my back pain probably stems from that. I’ve had the chair for a few weeks now and this is honestly the most comfortable chair I’ve sat in. The support is excellent and I notice that I’m sleeping better at night as well. Overall, I would purchase this again without any apprehension now knowing what I know.

Travis W.

Loved It So Much, We Bought A Second

I bought one of these chairs more than a year ago,and loved it so much, I just bought a second for my wife. Now she’s mad because I didn’t get her one sooner.

Michael L.


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