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Sit in Motion®

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Thoughtful Technology for Active Sitting

all33 chairs are the only ones available with technology capable of keeping you healthy.


Hours of R&D




Hours Tested

The Groundbreaking Pivot

Designed to mimic your pelvis, our patented pivot frees your body to move the way it does while you walk.

Moving while you sit:

Increases blood flow

Gets oxygen to your muscles

Engages your core

Improves digestion

Tirelessly Tested

In addition to undergoing strict durability, material, and safety tests, our chairs are developed, tested, and refined with the feedback of 1,000+ real back pain patients.

Unparalleled Lumbar Support

Built to contour to your spine’s natural curvature for all-day comfort.

Developed by Experts

Dr. Dennis Colonello

Dr. Colonello is a world-renowned chiropractor with over 45 years of experience. Based in Beverly Hills, he is currently the team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Clippers. In addition, he treats a who’s who list of Hollywood celebrities and world-class athletes.

Jim Grove

Jim built the internationally-acclaimed industrial design firm Designworks USA, which provided design, engineering, modeling, and analysis for major companies including BMW. He is also the founder of Heartland USA, a supplier of custom motorcycle accessories, and LA Product Design. He holds hundreds of patents.

Backed by Biomechanics

We develop our chairs based on scientific principles and a deep understanding of biomechanics and product development.

Designed for Ease

A smoother workday is within reach. Practical and convenient, our chairs take less than 10 minutes to assemble.

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See what technology can do for your wellbeing at work

Upgrade your health and productivity with Sit in Motion® technology and discover what it can unlock for you.

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