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The Chair That Gives You Energy

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Vegan Leather

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A Chair Like No Other

“I have to say, it has helped me with my posture, I’ve been able to exercise in this chair while I work (crunches) and overall feel like this chair really works for me.”

— Marc B.

100% Satisfied

“It is the best chair I have ever purchased.”

— Linda S.

30 Days of Use!

“Everything promosied and more! I love everything about the chair. Great back support and love the red and black theme.”

— Michael F.

Worth it!

“Very happy with this chair. So much better for my lower back.”

— Emma A.


/01Sit in Motion® Technology

A patented, one-of-a-kind pivot function that keeps you healthy by freeing you to move while you sit.

/02Adjustable Arms & Seat Height

Find your ergonomic happy place by moving the seat up or down until your feet are flat on the floor.

/03Durable Upholstery

Choose between carefully-sourced high-grade fabric and vegan leather.

/04Cutting-edge Cushion

The curved design of our seat cushion gives you comfort you didn’t know you needed.

Maximize Your Energy Potential 

Feel Good, Work Well


The human body was meant to move. Ours are the only chairs in the world that allow natural movement of the pelvis and all 33 vertebrae while you sit. This allows for good circulation all day long; blood brings your spine the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and your brain and muscles the oxygen it needs to keep your energy up.

How It Works


If you sit all the way back in our chairs, there’s no way you can slouch. You’ll find your awareness of your posture increase even out of your chair, and the benefits of proper posture are endless: better breathing, optimal digestion, fewer headaches, improved mood… the list goes on and on. A happier, healthier you can tackle anything.

See All Benefits


The world’s most sought-after chiropractor invented this chair with a single purpose: to help people break free from pain. It’s impossible to live your life, let alone do your best work, when you’re suffering from neck, back, and shoulder pain. Learn how our chairs’ design effectively mimics Dr. Dennis Colonello’s healing hands.

Our Story

How We Line Up



Leading Office Chairs

Leading Ergonomic Chairs

  • Induces perfect posture by aligning all 33 vertebrae

    - -
  • Revolutionary tech that keeps you in motion

    - -
  • Chiropractor-designed and doctor-recommended

    - -
  • Boosts energy through increased circulation and movement

    - -
  • Enhances performance and focus, ideal for long hours of work

  • Improves breathing and digestion

  • Sleek and stylish design

  • “Named Best Ergonomic Chair for Back Pain” by Popular Science

    - -

Built with Care in the USA

We’ve committed to bringing manufacturing back to the U.S so that we can ship your chairs faster and help people and the planet along the way. Our state-of-the-art facility is vertically-integrated to minimize our carbon footprint and keep workers safe and happy.

Plastic injection machines use 40% less energy than the norm to make our parts. Less energy in production, all to grant you more energy at work.

Raw materials are thoughtfully sourced or created in-house. The recipe for the foam in our cushions (a trade secret mix of water-based polyurethane) delivers Goldilocks-level padding that’s designed to fit with the chair's lumbar support and induce ideal posture.

From proprietary technology used in fabric cutting to minimize excess to repurposing materials like steel, aluminum, and plastic wherever possible, the guiding principle is to reuse & recycle.

all33 chairs are built using both cutting-edge robotics and the personal touch of real American workers. Our revolutionary design requires non-traditional production; for example, while other chairs use only machines to assemble seat cushions. The unique shape of our cushion calls for attention to detail — upholstery is fit around foam by hand and then a string machine pulls the drawstring around the cushion tight. All finishing sewing touches are handmade.

Tirelessly Tested

Tirelessly Tested

all33 chairs undergo the strictest durability, safety, and material tests in the industry. Our flagship BackStrong chair was developed and tested with the feedback of 1,000+ real back pain patients. The next step in all33’s evolution, the Axion, was refined using the feedback of 35,000 sitters.

If You Gotta Sit, This is It

— Justin Bieber


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Adored by The Masses

Join 35,000+ healthy sitters keeping their backs strong.


A Satisfied Customer

“This chair is as good as advertised. It was easy to assemble. I enjoy working in it. The chair provides good support for my lower back. It is attractive and receives lots of compliments. Thanks for making a great product.”

— Daniel R.

GREAT for your back!

“I have to say was a little skeptical about purchasing a chair for $700.00! I always like to try them out first. I took a chance, glad I did. The BackStrong C1 has to be the BEST computer chair I have ever owned. Shipping was fast...arrived in (5) days. Assembly took around 8 minutes. Then I sat on it...WOW! GREAT back support. Highly recommended!”

— Rich G.

Great office chair!

"I never thought I'd buy an office chair without trying it out. But everything about this chair seemed right, so I bought it. And I love it! It gives me amazing low back support and the movement keeps me from getting stiff."

— Barbara Z.

BackStrong C1

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